Greg Campbell, Certified Public Accountant

Greg Campbell, Bellingham CPA

Greg Campbell is a Bellingham, WA-based CPA who lives and works in the historic Fairhaven district. For 25 years, he’s helped hundreds of business owners and individuals, who look to Greg for advice on how to get more out of life by keeping more of what they earn. Like you, Greg’s clients want a plan to reach their personal and financial goals, with more time to enjoy family and friends.

Greg’s philosophy is that “Every Bean Counts.” He specializes in showing clients how to achieve the life they want by paying attention to factors—both big and small— that can impact business profitability, reduce taxes and increase net worth.

Greg provides income tax services, money management advising and small business consulting for restaurateurs, retailers, service providers and individuals with complex tax needs. He serves Washington clients who live and own businesses in Bellingham, Fairhaven, Whatcom and Skagit counties, and as far south as Seattle.

Contact Greg if you’d like to:

  • Make your business work better for you.
  • Take control of your finances.
  • Plan now for a more secure financial future.
  • Learn how to lower your tax bill.
  • Enjoy more freedom from financial worries.
  • Take steps to achieve your financial and personal goals.
  • Work with an accessible, approachable CPA who’s responsive to your needs.

Ready to stop thinking about your financial future and start planning it?

Give Greg a call at 360-752-0179. He can help.